How it works

Need to know:

  • Rhymecraft uses an "account balance" system: you pay money to increase your account balance, and your account balance decreases as you use Rhymecraft.
    • If you've ever paid to make phone calls with Skype, it's the same idea.
  • $0.30 of every deposit goes to Stripe and is not counted towards your Rhymecraft balance.
  • Your account balance will be reduced by $0.01 per minute as you use Rhymecraft.

Good to know:

  • Your balance only decreases when you're actually using the app. If you switch away to look at another window, but have your Rhymecraft still open, you will not have your balance decrease.
  • You pay with your credit card through Stripe to increase your balance.
  • Each payment must be at least $0.50.
  • Each payment may be as much as you want above $0.50.
  • Your balance currently does not expire.
    • It's hard to predict what issues I may run into in the future, so I can't guarantee that your balance will never expire. I can only say that if I were to make such a change, I would probably try to notify people well before their balances would expire.
  • I reserve the right to change the pricing for existing balances.
    • I will try to avoid doing so to avoid annoying people.
    • In particular, I may need to charge for various actions you can take in Rhymecraft that are particularly expensive for me to run. If I did charge for such actions, the pricing would probably be a matter of pennies or fractions of pennies, and I would make an effort to make those charges clear.

What if I don't have a credit/debit card?

You have several options:

Give your friend cash and have them transfer Rhymecraft credit to you

Rhymecraft gives users the ability to transfer their deposited credit to other users. So if your friend has a Rhymecraft account with a connected credit/debit card, you can give them cash, have them deposit that amount, and have them transfer the deposited credit to your account.

Buy a prepaid credit/debit card

If you're older than 13 you can use cash to buy a prepaid credit/debit card at your local pharmacy / Wal-Mart / Target / etc.

Note that these cards often have various fees, so do some research to determine the best choice for you. As of 2018, from reading this article, it seems like going to Wal-Mart and getting a Bluebird (by American Express) card may be a good deal, with no monthly fee and no cash reload fee if you do it at Wal-Mart.

Ask someone close to you to link their card to your account

This solution may seem obvious, but I'm including it for completeness' sake: ask your parents (or someone else you have a similarly-close relationship with) to use their card.

Why use this pricing system?

Why isn't Rhymecraft free?

Because I want Rhymecraft to be around for a long time and get bigger and better. I don't want Rhymecraft to end up like Vine. Most start-ups that offer their product for free do it because they have received millions of dollars in funding from people who hope that they will eventually be able to sell the start-up to some larger company. But when the start-up gets bought, it often gets shut down. That is what happened to Vine. This has happened many, many times. You can learn more about it by reading this article.

Why not have a one-time fee?

Running this service costs me money, and so if I was to charge a one-time fee, I would need to make the fee very large to be able to pay for all of the future computing power that it would take to support each user.

Why not charge per month or per year?

Charging per month or per year makes it relatively expensive for people to try Rhymecraft. I want people to be able to try the service with minimum risk. However, people are free to pay for a month's or year's worth of tokens up-front.

Why deduct the $0.30 Stripe fee from users' balances?

If we didn't do this, users who only deposited small amounts of money (like $1 at a time) would be contributing less to the costs of running the servers for them than users who contributed larger amounts of money.

For example, if a user always paid the minimum of $0.50, and $0.30 was taken by Stripe, but the user was given $0.50 of credit, and used the site for 50 minutes, then they would have contributed $0.50 - $0.30 = $0.20 for the cost of the servers for those 50 minutes, or $0.004 per minute. But if another user deposited $10 and then used the service for 1,000 minutes, they would have contributed $10 - $0.30 = $9.70 for the cost of the servers during those 1,000 minutes, or $0.0097 cents per minute.

Deducting this $0.30 aligns the incentives of the user with the costs of running Rhymecraft.